How to enable account 2FA, get free Epic Games

How to enable account 2FA, get free Epic Games

How to enable account 2FA, get free Epic Games

How to enable account 2FA, get free Epic Games
The Fortnite Boogie Down emote is free with 2FA (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Epic Games has created it their mission to undertake and improve security for Fortnite players, each with their accounts and once taking part in on-line.

This has enclosed causation out warnings regarding malicious sites providing “free” V-Bucks, in addition as those trying to share faux mechanical man apps.

And the development team has provided the proper method for fans of Fortnite Battle Royale to choose up a free cosmetic item in the week, in addition as improve their own account security.

The blues Down represent is presently on the market as a free transfer, if players area unit willing to alter 2FA.

Fortnite 2FA, or two-factor authentication, may be a easy however effective method of protective your Epic Games account.

By enabling  2FA, players will lose their positive identification to a hacker and still have another line of defence before their account is broken.

This is wherever the two-factor a part of your protection comes in, that typically means that the second layer of positive identification protection that has been enabled.

This comes within the sort of a pin being sent to your phone or email account, or a acknowledged key that adds another layer of security.

And it seems that Epic Games is quite keen on its players enabling  the safety live whereas exploitation their accounts.

Players don’t have any doubt seen emails crop up warning them of individuals attempting to access their accounts, with 2FA in a different way to form positive your info stays safe.


How to enable account 2FA, get free Epic Games
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Here’s additional regarding 2FA from Epic Games, World Health Organization confirm: “If you decide in to the 2FA feature, anytime you sign on mistreatment your arcanum, you’ll receive a security code that’s smart for one use, over a brief amount of your time.

“The security code are going to be sent to you thru the verification technique that you just elite in your account settings.

“Currently, 2FA security codes will be received through either AN authentication app or via your Epic Games email address.”


To alter 2FA and earn the boogie-woogie Down act for complimentary, players can ought to head over to the official Epic Games web site and access your account.

When you have provided your name and arcanum, you may ought to click the protection tab, wherever it’s attainable to vary your arcanum.

You can additionally scroll down and appearance at the 2 2FA choices on the market to use for Fortnite Battle Royale, which has mistreatment AN Authentication App, or AN email arcanum

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